Sushi-Chino? | Adventures at The Historic Pearl

Chef’s Sushi Choice | Botika Peruvian – Asian Restaurant | Photo Cred Nicole B Merchan


There is nothing better than stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new! I ventured to Botika Peruvian-Asian Restaurant for some sushi. I had heard rave reviews about the place and decided it would be a great place to take a break and have some lunch. Let me just preface this with what AMAZING customer service they had! Today’s sushi lunch special did not have anything cooked. It kind of bummed me out because the whole reason for stopping by was to eat some sushi, and I am not a huge fan of the raw stuff (sorry!). On his own accord, the waiter talked to the chef to see if there was anything he could do for me. Success! They were kind enough to make me something that I would enjoy. I was so ecstatic that they would go out of their way to do something like that. It made it that much more special!

The food was delicious, I ended up trying the Chef’s special that included 3 different types of meats. Pictured above are the smoked salmon, unagi and crab meats. In all honesty, I think this has been the best and most filling sushi I have ever had. Lunch was a great success!

Carrot Cake and Cappuccino | Bakery Lorraine | Photo Cred Nicole B Merchan

Off I went to Bakery Lorraine after lunch. I figured a Tuesday treat was in the works. After all, we are a little bit closer to Friday! I went in and noticed so many treats to pick from, there were macaroons of all colors, scones, cakes and cookies to pick from, how could I ever choose? After walking around and letting people bump ahead of me in line, this little carrot jumped to my eye. “Well hello there my little friend!,” I said in my mind, “that is the one!” So as I am at the register, the sweet sweet smell of coffee suddenly arises, how could I resist… cappuccino and carrot cake it was!  I make my purchase and slowly eat and drink my mid- day snacks. They were perfect! The ambiance, the culture but most importantly the treats! I’ll be back for more!

Today was somewhat of an unusual day for me, I’m glad I ventured to new places and got to try some new treats! The Pearl is a perfect place to eat and drink some of the yummiest food in town!




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